Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Why write a blog? There are many reasons why such an endeavor is unadvisable - not the least to mention is time--a commodity that is as precious as it is non-renewable. Yet it also seems that some small amount of good may come of this blog. It will, hopefully, keep me in the discipline of writing. Also, it will perhaps urge me to continue to think, study, and write about important issues. But most importantly it may be a place that will be of help to others, particularly those in my humble little flock at Indian River Baptist Church.

In the coming days, I will begin adding posts on various topics and issues. I will also begin developing this page by adding papers on various issues, links to important sites (such as the historic creeds & confessions), audio sermons and lectures, and educational material (adult sunday school lessons, works on progress, etc).

I should warn the reader: I love Jesus Christ more than life itself (at least, it is my desire to do so). I am proud to be reformed, calvinistic, evangelistic, and baptistic by conviction. You could probably even throw in a twinge of charistmatic thought in the mix. I truly believe every word of the Bible, and and tenaciously hold to the precious creeds of the faith (primarily: Apostles, Nicene, Athanasian; Secondarily: Westminster Standards/Three Forms of Unity--w/ appropriate baptistic modifications, 2nd London Baptist Confession, Cambridge Declaration, etc). I accept all as brother or sister in the Lord who hold to the historic essentials of the faith - regardless of what denomination they are found in.

More to come.