Monday, June 1, 2009

Killing the Killer, Betraying the Cross

With the entire nation, I have been listening to news related to the cold-blooded murder of the abortionist Dr. Tiller. Tiller had been an highly outspoken proponent of late-term abortions, and one of its few providers.

In the strongest possible terms I condemn this attack. It now appears that it was an act by a radical militia-type individual, undoubtedly believing he wase serving "God and country". The hypocrisy of his position is as staggering as the murderous intent of his heart is terrifying. Far from saving lives, the killer has simply added to the death toll. This "self-appointed hand of God" is nothing more than a hate-filled man who has shut both the truth and love of Jesus Christ out of his heart and mind.

This killing weighs on my heart, as does the genocide of abortion. Yet what troubles me most about this situation is neither of these two issues. Frankly, we live in a non-Christian world and I therefore expect evils such as abortion, slavery, and discrimination to take place. We also live in a world full of self-righteousness, and so I am (unfortunately) not surprised to hear of some religious fanatic going on a murderous crusade. These situations sadden me, but underneath this story is something that angers me--a so-called 'church' which has abandoned the teachings of Jesus and openly endorsed the actions and philosophy of abortion.

True Christians everywhere have denounced the horrendous murder of Dr. Tiller, even as the ELCA denomination condoned abortion and even allowed the nation's most notorious abortionist to become a member in good standing. Abortion is not reconcilable with true Christianity. For a church to accept abortion--or an abortionist as an honored member--is only possible when they consciously and decidedly walk away from the truth of the Gospel.

Killing an abortion doctor is an inexcusable wrong. Killing an unborn child is an unfathomable act of evil. But, for a "church" to condone the act of abortion is nothing less than a betrayal of the life and mission of Jesus. Everything surrounding this story is heinous, but the greatest evil was committed by a congregation and pastor that choose years ago to abandon the cause of Christ.

As a citizen I demand that Dr. Tiller's murderer be punished.
As a patriot, I urge for our nation to end this human-rights violation called abortion.
But, as a Christian I call upon the ELCA to turn from their open apostasy from Jesus Christ.


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  1. It is not just the ELCA. Read these words fo praise for George Tiller and weep....