Thursday, July 2, 2009

Alcohol - The Tie that Binds Mormons & Fundamentalists

It seems the only people nowadays that think alcohol is inherently evil are the rabid fundamentalists and the cultic Mormons. Blessed be the ties that bind, eh? Well, the ties that used to bind anyway.

As reported by World magazine (June 4, 2009):

Some of Utah’s prohibition-minded alcohol laws will be officially loosened today. Beer lovers may celebrate the rift in the so-called “Zion Curtain” that has up until this day prohibited bars from operating normally in Utah, as establishments will be able to serve alcohol to customers without first making them join a “private club.” The state’s traditional hard line on alcohol can be traced directly to the Mormon Church, which frowns upon alcohol consumption

Isn't it a shame when the only other people who agree with the Fundamentalist's "using alcohol as a beverage is a sin" position are Christ-denying cultists? Its even more shameful when even the cultist begin to see common sense.

Note: I am in no way encouraging the use of alcohol. I do not drink it, I do not intend to, and I actively discourage it. I am just dumbfounded how conservative Christians think they have the right to take their moral directives from the American prohibitionist movement rather than from Scripture. Do we really think we have the right to claim a holiness code that would have excluded even Jesus?



  1. My now ex-Wesleyan pastor friend had a real issue with one of their membership requirements that he was to state to prospective members - the agreement that total abstinence is the only acceptable option for the Christian (he, like you and I, does not drink, either). He said he couldn't see that anywhere in the Scripture. Probably because it isn't there, eh?

    Their stand is this "Alcoholism has become the fourth major health problem in North America . . . and much of the world, exceeded only by mental illness, heart disease and cancer. Jon Zondervan in The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs declares that alcohol is a poison that causes impairment in reflexes, judgment of distance and speed and problems in mental concentration. A single small dose of alcohol produces small ulcerative lesions in the duodenum. The Wesleyan Church maintains its historic stand of total abstinence." And the biblical basis for that statement is......?

    If we apply that some logic to another topic, we may very well have to ban women because they cause men to sin. And vice versa.

    My seminary dean posted on this from his Reformed Baptist perspective here and here.

    Sproul likes to refer to legalism as "man making rules where God has left man free."

  2. Someone at my church was appalled when I implied that Jesus turned water into actual wine and not grape juice. I asked why do you think people accused Jesus of being a drunkard. That accusation would not have even been made had he been drinking grape juice.

    This is another example of the scripture twisting and extremism of "fundamentalism" that causes me to avoid the label of fundamentalist. And, another reason I cringe when I meet someone who calls himself a fundamentalist.