Monday, July 27, 2009

Daily Devo - Monday, 07/27/2009

“Faith is the assurance of things hoped for,
the conviction of things unseen”.

Hebrews 11:1

One of the greatest struggles for the genuine Christian is the struggle for assurance of salvation. Many who experience this pain worry because of unconquered sin. Others, at times, slip into doubt about God’s truth altogether. Still others wonder if they have misunderstood some doctrinal point that will cause them to be excluded from God’s eternal love.

The author of Hebrews wrote his letter to a group of believers who were struggling in their faith. Many were weak spiritually, and some even began to doubt and considered going back to their former ways of life. To encourage them the writer offers a brief definition of faith. He says that faith is simply a firm confidence that the things which Jesus has promised will indeed come to pass. His promises are infallible and eternal because they have been given by an infallible and eternal being.

Samuel Bird, writing in the 16th century, said that faith “is a sure stud to lean upon. We may be bold with all our weight to stay upon it. For although the things that we hope for are not present like those things that are before our feet, we are as sure of them as our footing which stands upon firm ground.” Are you leaning on Christ? If your salvation was in anyone else’s hand you would certainly be lost. But, if it is in His merciful yet powerful hands there is no greater guarantee. Your home in heaven has already been prepared, and heaven doesn’t resell its real estate.

What God has promised shall without question be accomplished.
- William Gouge, Exposition on Hebrews

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