Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Daily Devo - Wednesday, 07/01/2009

"Epaphras...has made know to us your love in the Spirit."
Colossians 1:8b

Once while at a pastor's conference I stumbled upon a group of believers at a local restaurant. Though they hadn't attended the conference, the recognized the logo on my name badge and rightly assumed I was a pastor. All were from the same church, and a few of them served on its pastoral staff. They invited me over for some fellowship, and as we sat around the restaurant table we spent almost three hours talking about family, theology, church, culture, and then--eventually--politics.

Specifically, the topic was Bill Clinton. As the conversation went on, the rhetoric grew sharper and sharper. Clearly, Clinton had no supporters in this group. What had been a time of sweet fellowship turned into little more than slander and name-calling. The group made fun of Clinton's mannerisms, his attraction to an 'overweight' mistress, his 'ugly' wife, and even jokes about the infamous cigar situation.

Eventually, someone noticed I had been silent during ever since they started talking about politics. Perhaps they noticed a different look on my face. Trying to get me to engage, one of the men said, "Hey Josh, what's wrong? Were you a supporter of Clinton or something?"

I replied, "No, but I am a supporter of Jesus, and I do not think He is being honored right now."

Let's just say no one offered to pick up my tab.

Friends, the love of the Spirit has to be demonstrated. When people hear you talk, will they go and tell others that you are loving?


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