Thursday, August 20, 2009

Calvin and the Simplicity of the Gospel

John Calvin & the Simplicity of the Gospel

As times we can act as if God's truth is difficult to understand. Yet the reason so many are drawn to its truths--whether they be brilliant philosophers or hard-working migrant workers--is because its teachings make sense. This past week I have been reading some of the sermons of John Calvin from his series on Genesis. In the section on Gen 5:21-24 (where it mentions that "Enoch walked with God"), Calvin writes,
"But [Enoch] walks with God. In other words, he sees clearly that there are opportunities for debauchery everywhere. He sees that some pamper themselves in their delights and lusts, others abandon themselves to their whoring and drunken sprees, others to their plundering and bloodthirstiness. There is no decency and uprightness. He sees all that. He then collects his thoughts and realizes, "Now God did not put us here in that condition to be separated from Him, but he wants us to walk before His face and acknowledge Him always as our Judge."
The vast universe and the existence of life itself is founded upon one simple principle: we were intended to have a relationship with God and things will only work properly when we do so.

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