Friday, August 28, 2009

Daily Devo - Friday, 08/28/2009

"The soul of a sluggard desires but has nothing" Proverbs 13:4.

Buried Alive

Have you ever stopped to consider what has become of your life? As my own children continue to mature my wife and I marvel at how quickly life passes. If it be God's will for us to live a normal life span then half our lives are already passed. Knowing this, my mind keeps returning to the question 'how will I use the remaining portion of my life?'

One of the greatest enemies to a life well-lived is idleness. We have been granted this life to serve the King of kings but so often we waste it on laziness and sloth. Augustine said that idleness is the burial of a man alive. The idle man may be breathing, but he certainly is not living. Idleness is a poison that slowly robs a person of strength and life.

George Whitefield, a great evangelist from a bygone era, was far from idle. He regularly preached to thousands, founded an orphanage, and was constantly traveling two different continents on evangelistic crusades. His life was virtually lived speaking to crowds--or on horseback or sailing vessel to get to the next speaking venue. Often he would preach several times per day. This hectic schedule eventually killed him. As he began to slip physically his friends tried to persuade him to lessen his itinerary. He responded by saying 'I would rather wear out than rust out'.

What about your life? Is it being rusted and wasted away? Perhaps you have seen a thousand movies, but have you served the King with diligence? Maybe you have an impressive gamer score, but have you impressed the Savior with your service? Could it be that your life is dedicated more to shopping, football, or 'chillin' with friends than to the one who created and saved you? A life well-lived is possible only when we offer it in service to God.

Don't just exist--begin to live!


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  1. you're hitting way to close to home with this one. I need now super convicted...and definitely need to respond. I thank the Lord for you

    Tim Whitson