Monday, August 3, 2009

Daily Devo - Monday, 08/03/2009

"By it [faith] the people of old attained a good report”
Hebrews 11:2

In 458 B.C., back in ancient Rome when it was just beginning to emerge as a nation, a citizen farmer named Cincinnatus laid down his plow to help lead the Roman army. His military and leadership skills were so impressive that his fellow citizens made him "dictator" or "highest ruler" in the land. According to legend, within 16 days he had defeated the neighboring tribe. He returned home with glory and honor, and could have easily kept supreme power (in fact, the citizens wanted him to). But then Cincinnatus did something different which the Romans admired; he gave up being the highest ruler, and went back to his farm! Supreme power was granted him and he managed to evade its addictive grasp.

A good reputation is a wonderful thing. It is hard to achieve but easy to lose. Such a reputation is more valuable than silver or gold, but not all take a wise course to achieve it. In fact, in order to achieve a good reputation we must focus on something else entirely; namely, our character. The quality of a Christian’s character is determined by the quality of his or her faith. In the eyes of God faithlessness is despised, but faithfulness is blessed and praised.

Be more concerned with the quality of your faith than the quality of your reputation.

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