Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Daily Devo - Wednesday, 08/19/2009

"Enoch walked with God, and then was no more, because God took him away." (Genesis 5:24).

The Anatomy of a Friendship

"Walking with God" involves more than repentance and redemption. Truly, repentance is the first step in this walk even as faith reaches out for the saving grace provided by Christ. The destination of this walk is ultimately a radically God-centeredness and Christ-likeness which encompasses our entire life. Indeed, this is the great reality to which redemption has awakened us.

Marcus Dods once wrote, "Enoch walked with God because he was His friend and liked His company, because he was going in the same direction as God and had no desire for anything but what lay in God's path. We walk with God when He is in all our thoughts; not because we consciously think of Him at all times, but because He is naturally suggested to us by all we think of; as when any person or plan or idea has become important to us, no matter what we think of, our thought is always found recurring to this favorite object, so with the godly man everything has a connection with God."

When the Christian believer falls into sin he cannot rest till he has resumed his place at God's side and walks with Him again. The follower of Jesus Christ endeavors to hold all her life open to God's inspection and in conformity to His will. She has a readiness to give up whatever He has commanded against. She feels an overwhelming loneliness without a close daily fellowship with God and senses a cold and desolate feeling when she is conscious of doing something that displeases Him. Walking with God means that we recognize Christ has saved us from our own misery and death and has given us eternal life. Those who walk with God willingly give up their former "pleasures" for the ultimate pleasure of being by Christ's side.

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