Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Mocks Traditional Marriage

Did you ever imagine that we would live in a society where even Ice Cream is used as a tool to undermine godly values and traditional marriage? Ben & Jerry's, the Ice Cream manufacturer based in Burlington Vermont, recently renamed one of their Ice Cream flavors in order to show their support for the legalization of gay marriage in Vermont. Their website reads, "In partnership with Freedom to Marry we are gathered here to celebrate Vermont and all the other great states where loving couples of all kinds are free to marry legally. We have ceremoniously dubbed our iconic flavor, Chubby Hubby to Hubby Hubby in support, and to raise awareness of the importance of marriage equality."

"Hubby Hubby" pictures a wedding cake with two men being betrothed. Long known for their commitment to socially liberal causes, Ben & Jerry's have been long-time supporters of gay marriage. Walt Freese, the Chief Executive Officer of the company wrote in an official press release “At the core of Ben & Jerry’s values, we believe that social justice can and should be something that every human being is entitled to”. He went on to state that “From the very beginning of our 30 year history, we have supported equal rights for all people. The legalization of marriage for gay and lesbian couples in Vermont is certainly a step in the right direction and something worth celebrating with peace, love and plenty of ice cream.”

The move is largely symbolic as "Hubby Hubby" brand will only be sold in select Ice Cream shops in Vermont. Nationally, the "Chubby Hubby" brand will remain unchanged.

I still like Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, and more than likely this will not impact my future purchases. Perhaps one of the worst things Christians can do is to organize a boycott---a meaningless gesture that will ultimately be unsuccessful.

The greatest response we can have is to go out, buy a tub of ice cream (Breyer's is my favorite) and enjoy it with your wife. We do not protest culture with counter-cultural speeches, but rather with counter-cultural lifestyles.

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