Thursday, September 10, 2009

Satan's plan for the church

Satan's plan for the church can be summed up in three words: division, diversion, and destruction.

He divides us over secondary issues, tertiary doctrines, and personal preferences--all while we pridefully exaggerate the importance of our personal opinions and perspectives. God, forgive us of our prideful, self-centered stupidity.

He diverts us by getting us to focus on anything other than our mission, whether it be by discord or delight. Far too often we willingly play the harp while the word around us spiritually burns. God, forgive us our evangelical laziness and Gospel apathy.

He destroys us
by replacing grace with judgmentalism. Instead of being a place of unconditional love, too many congregations are more characterized by gossip, slander, and distrust. God, forgive us for failing to truly love.

This week I have spoken with four different pastors and two parachurch ministry leaders who are dealing with the effects of Satan's well executed plan within their ministries. But, and this is the really cool part, Jesus has an even better plan. This plan is founded upon the Good News that Jesus is Lord (and Satan is not), which means in the end Jesus wins--and we are called to humbly serve him.

Let Satan do his worst for Christ's love conquers all.

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