Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My most recent sermons


  1. Great job, Josh. Biblical, direct and penetrating.

  2. I would love to hear the message you reference in "What is saving faith?" where you define what faith is. I did enjoy in this message how your definition of faith naturally included repentance. Saving faith and repentance are inseparable. I am interested in your other message because in this one you hold to faith being a gift from God and then later on describe how a man exercises faith and then God gives more faith almost in a cycle fashion. Just interested in a further dealing on the subject. I really agree with the expression of faith may be weak or strong but it still must exists. the adultry illustration was perfect. I would say most arminians would agree. Maybe I fall in between the two camps. Totally agree that the gospel is not truly preached if we don't include fruit as evidence or that people are to count the cost.

    Thanks for posting this...now to listen to "Dying in Faith"

  3. Tim,

    I will work on getting more of the the past sermons in this series online (as well as the Hebrew 11 series). It will probably take me a while, though.