Friday, October 2, 2009

Calling all Pastors

OK, one of the main tasks of a pastor is to faithfully preach the Word of God. Yet as I meet more and more pastors I also encounter a lot of men with limited resources, limited time, and a profound sense of isolation. Many of these men look backward to the joyous time of Seminary when they where able to be sharpened by dialogue with other godly men, and still others never had this opportunity at any point. Most yearn for something like it now.

I would like to collaborate with as many pastors as I can on an upcoming sermon project. The basic idea is that we would pick a passage of scripture, independently study it, and then dialogue with one another as we shape it into a sermon series. This would help sharpen our skills in breaking a passage or biblical book into manageable sizes, as well as developing skills in exegesis and application. We could even expand the idea and share resources, etc.

Frankly, this would also help some of you guys do some more long term planning (it always scares me when pastors don't know what they will be preaching two Sundays down the road----but perhaps I'm overkill at having things planned out 24 months in advance).

Any takers? Shoot me an email if your interested in joining the group.

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  1. This is Allen Ballard from Gaylord and Vanderbilt area. Great idea put me in for this great project. Call me.