Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good words dying from a lack of care

The newest buzz in evangelical blogdom is the creation of a new group blog over at First Things dedicated to Evangelicals. Several familiar names are part of the team, and I have enjoyed the first several posts that have been listed. For the moment, they seem to be centered on trying to define Evangelicalism (or at least explain it).

In one of them I stumbled upon this quote by B.B. Warfield:
“The religious terrain is full of the graves of good words which have died from lack of care –they stand as close in it as do the graves today in the flats of Flanders or among the hills of northern France. And those good words are still dying all around us. There is that good word ‘Evangelical.’ It is certainly moribund, if not already dead. Nobody any longer seems to know what it means. Even our Dictionaries no longer know.” –B. B. Warfield, “Redeemer and Redemption, 1916”
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  1. As Zacharias quotes Malcolm Muggeridge in (I think) "Deliver Us From Evil", "There is no new news. Only old news happening to new people."