Monday, October 12, 2009

Tremble and Weep

Early this morning I came across a quote by Richard Baxter. I had read this before, but now in the pre-dawn hours God has used this quote to both awaken and humble me.

Baxter writes, "I am ashamed of every sermon I preach; when I think what I have been speaking of, and who sent me, and that men's salvation or damnation is so much concerned by it, I am ready to tremble lest God should judge me as a slighter of His truths and the souls of men."

This morning, after reading this quote, I listened to a sermon I preached just four years ago. Just ten minutes into listening I began to weep at its lack of depth. What I, at the time, called relevance was merely an exercise in the trivial and superficial.

Fellow pastors and teachers of God's Word, He has called us to deliver His truths and lead His people deeply into the well of His word. Lord, forgive us for having failed to do so and grant us the zeal to follow You anew.

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