Thursday, January 7, 2010

Update on why I haven't been blogging

Just a quick note about why I haven't been blogging (yes, this is a plea to stop the daily e-mails I receive wondering if I'm dead, depressed, trapped under an overturned vehicle, forsaken the faith, or had my internet connection shut off).

Actually, I'm up to my ears in theological study. We began a massive undertaking about 6 months ago to study through and "tweak" our church's Confession of Faith. That little 'tweak' turned into a complete overhaul. I've been in the final writing stage for about 6 weeks. By God's grace, that has been completed! Now we are going through all of our notes (as well as new study) in order to attach a massive "scripture proofs" to this new confession. It is slow going. Tonight we just finished the scripture proofs for Article 7 of the new confession (there are 19 Articles). Once everything is done we will post it online (probably as a doc file on Scribd), but keep in mind it still needs to go before the congregation for review. Lord willing everything will be done by the end of next week.

My wife has accused me of being in a 'zombie-like' phase for weeks. Since I do have a habit of talking to myself out loud, it seems I walk around the house saying things like "I think I took that verse out of context", "using the word perspicuity would be ironically self-defeating", and "I haven't quite captured the inherent goodness of God's wrath".

Lord willing, I am planning on resuming normal posting in February. Actually, I've been writing daily devos, so those should be up and running Feb 1.


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