Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What if Satan wrote Ephesians 5:25-28?

If Satan wrote Ephesians 5:25-28 it would probably read something like this:

"Husbands, despise your wives, as Satan despises the church and actively seeks to abuse her, in order that he might destroy her, having nothing but hatred for her in the thoughts of his heart, so that he might rid himself of her, with her being dead and gone once and for all, that he might be released from her blemishes on his joy and freedom. In the same way husbands should despise their wives because he is far more important than is she. He who despises his wife truly loves himself."

Think that is a bit extreme? Not at all. This evening I was shocked to hear of a Baptist pastor, Matt Baker of Waco Texas, who is on trial for killing his wife. Some stories we read are tragic, others are beyond imagination, and still others are living nightmares. The story below is perhaps one of the most disturbing, demonic, and evil actions I've ever encountered.

According to witness testimony, the pastor became invovled in an adulterous relationship with a divorcee from within his church. While his wife was grieving the loss of one of their children to cancer, the pastor was plotting how he could get out of the marriage. The pastor told his mistress that "divorce was not an option because it would mean he could never preach again and he was concerned that his wife Kari might fight for custody of their kids." In court his mistress testified that "Baker talked of various ways to kill his wife: a drive-by shooting, hanging her and making it appear to be suicide, and tampering with her car brakes. Once when his wife was late arriving home...he 'started getting excited that maybe she did have a wreck and he wouldn't have to do anything.'"

Sensing her husband was becoming distant emotionally, his faithful wife tried in desparation to spice up their marriage sexually by ordering sexual enhancement drugs. In an act that can only be described as demonic, this supposed "man of God" used this opportunity to murder her. Earlier in the evening he opened the pill casings and dumped the contents and replaced them with a powerful sleep-inducing drug he had stolen from his mother-in-law. His mistress testified that Baker "kissed her until she fell asleep and then kissed her forehead, telling her to give their deceased daughter a hug or kiss for him. Baker then smothered her with a pillow, but she gasped for breath, so he put his hand over the pillow directly over her nose until she died."

How can one preach the love of Christ and yet have the mind of Satan? Our sinfulness and rebellion against God is indeed without restraint. We all stand urgently in need of a Redeemer, and how pitiful it is to see a man pretending to be an expert on the very Gospel that he has never truly possessed.

Tonight I think of my precious Amy, a woman who I spent several years criticizing and demeaning, only to eventually realize she is the precious jewel given to me by the very hand of a sovereign God. He blessed me with His choicest of daughters, and rightfully expects that she be cherished and honored. His command to me, and to all Christian husbands, is as simple as it is all-encompassing: "husbands love your wives just as Christ loved the Church".

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