Sunday, January 31, 2010

What is worse?

Last evening I watched CNN video of Scott Roeder's courtroom testimony. The jury, appropriately, convicted this man of murder. Yet as I reflect on this whole situation, I find it hard to determine which of the situations below is the most morally heinous. All are utterly sinful, but any thoughts as to which of the four is worst?

A. The murder of a single human being.
B. The murder of over 60,000 babies by a single human being.
C. A nation's legally protected approval of the murder of babies.
D. A church body that affirms/accepts into membership one who practices the murder of babies.


  1. I believe that the Bible teaches that their are degrees of sin, yet even the smallest sin will condemn a person to hell and is morally wrong. I won't take the time to attempt to biblically support my answers because I do not have the time, but I believe the answer is from most sinful to least B,D,C,A. I maintain that all are guilty of sinful behavior.

    My reasoning is that the abortion doctor was directly involved while the church and state were only indirectly involved making Tillar's sin more heinous; however, Tillar, his church, and our nation are involved in a greater number of deaths than Scott Roeder making their sin worse than Roeder's. I placed the churches sin as more sinful than the states because the church has the Word of God. Since it has the truth and has disavowed, it they are more guilty than the state. In addition, Roeder killed Tillar as punishment for his state sanctioned mass murder. Roeder's crime is applying vigilante justice more so than murder.

    These are my thoughts. Thanks for asking.

  2. Wow, what a question - I would stay the one that would bring the most sorrow to the Lord is the church that affirms and takes into fellowship a murderer.