Tuesday, February 16, 2010

8 signs that you may no longer be a Premillennialist

In talking to many of my ministry friends there seems to be an en masse departure from Premillenialism. I'm honestly not sure whether this is because they are embarrassed by the Left Behind series, influenced by more historic Reformed positions, or have come to a new position through careful Bible study.

Regardless, below are a few tell-tale signs that you have left (or will soon leave) the movement. You may no longer be a Premillennialist if:

1. You have to double-check the spelling of Premillennialism EVERY time you write it.

2. You involuntarily roll your eyes when the words "End Times" and "Charts" appear in a single sentence.

3. You can watch Fox World News without thinking, "This could be it".

4. You think Israel might be a tad bit wrong in its handling of the Palestinian situation.

5. When meeting a Jewish person, your first impulse is something other than excitedly saying "My best friend is a Jewish carpenter".

6. You believe Christians should care for and protect the environment (isn't it all supposed to burn up anyway?).

7. When receiving a mailing on an upcoming conference, you immediately throw it in the wastebasket if it mentions "Prophecy" anywhere on the envelope.

8. When hearing that someone has openly abandoned Premillennialism, you nevertheless do not think the words 'heretic' or 'liberal' are appropriate descriptors.