Saturday, February 27, 2010

Confessions of Faith

We've completed our new Confessions of Faith (currently being proposed to the Church body). This process, which has taken months of deep theological and biblical study, has been an absolute blessing to me. The document below contains two Confessions. First, a "Statement of Basic Beliefs" which we will require that all members affirm. This focuses on the core of the Christian doctrine (particularly those concerning Jesus Christ and the Gospel). The second is the Statement of Biblical Doctrine, which is for those in church leadership (Pastor/Elder/Deacon), which is considerably longer and more detailed.

Keep in mind that final editing is still in progress. Also, Statement #19 on the Return of Christ still needs to undergo a massive revision. We are committed to what is there, but recognize more detail is needed regarding the biblical teachings of the new Heavens & Earth & Christ's eternal kingdom (the leadership of the church wisely felt much more discussion and teaching was needed before making changes to that section).

Confessions of Faith (Indian River Baptist Church)

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