Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dysfunctional Calvinism

Timmy Brister, whose Calvinistic credentials are unquestioned, offers the following assessment of "Dysfunctional Calvinism". I wholeheartedly agree, noting that far too many are drawn to Calvinism for all the wrong reasons. Their error lies not in their doctrinal formulations, but rather in their hearts and atitiudes. I would far rather have a congregation full of Cross-centered Arminians than put up with a handful of dysfunctional Calvinists. Sometimes, the most egregious errors lay closest to the truth.

Brister on Dysfunctional Calvinism:

Dysfunctional Calvinism is the practice of embracing human responsibility in converting people to Calvinism but denying human responsibility in converting people to Christ.

Dysfunctional Calvinism likes to play the “sovereignty card” as a “get out of evangelism” exception clause.

Dysfunctional Calvinism gives an articulation of the doctrines of grace without exhibiting grace to those who disagree with them.

Dysfunctional Calvinism embraces “word” ministry to the exclusion of “deed” ministry–that is the love for the truth does not go far enough. Let’s just have another Bible Study.

Dysfunctional Calvinism finds it easier to talk to Christians about election than the free grace of God to sinners.

Dysfunctional Calvinism turns your right theology in a wrong-headed way, sometimes as a heresy hunter/watchdog blogger and other times a tacit gnosticism.

Dysfunctional Calvinism is gospel-centered insofar as it satisfies their intellectual inquiry but does not inflame their affections and transforms their will in becoming “all things to all men that by all possible means I might save some.”

HT: Arthur Sido

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