Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Great Resurgence Commission video

The Southern Baptists have released a video from the Great Commission Task Force. This is an important movement and discussion, and we look forward to hearing more from them. (However, be warned: the video is (a) horribly and unnecessarily long and (b) is essentially little more than a "talking-head" style shoot. I recommend skipping the first 26 minutes). Though I'm not a Southern Baptist, I am excited to see our accented-brethren gearing up for a massive evangelistic program on North American soil.

You can see the video here.


  1. We know how to grow a church--lots of research done on that.

    What we desperately need to learn is how to grow a group of churches--an Association, a State Convention or a Denomination.

    One starting place is to look for what Heath and Heath (Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard.) calls "bright spots". What the authors of Influencers call "positive deviance." In other words--what are the fastest growing associations in the nation? Which ones are growing where the population is not growing? What State Conventions are doing best and what are they doing? Are they planting churches? How much training do they do?

    Josh Hunt
    Good Questions Have Groups Talking

  2. Josh H.

    Why is learning how to grow an Association or Denomination such a "desperate need"? I'm not seeing any implication of that in the great commission.

    Sure, having a vibrant denomination might be one major resource in aiding the great commission, but it shouldn't be the focus in and of itself.

    If we are simply going to copy the model of fast-growing movements, why don't we copy what the Mormons or the Muslims are doing. They sure seem to be picking up steam in the USA. I suggest a different starting point----an individual who has been made a new creature in Jesus, and who is excited about living like Jesus. Should it really be more complicated than that?

  3. Hmmm..should not our concern be growing THE church and not A church or A denomination/association/etc.?

    A method that worked pretty well in the Mediterranean area a while back (Ooh, say, 2000 years ago) was "preaching the Gospel." Old fashioned, I know, but at last glance the Holy Spirit was still active, bringing the dead to life through the proclamation of the Gospel.

    Just some input from a guy in the pew.....