Friday, May 21, 2010

Expository Explosion

Currently I am up to my eyeballs in planning out several sermon series.  I've passed the half-way point preaching through 1 John (picking up the sermon series where my new friend, and interim preacher, Taylor Ferranti left off).  For the Sunday PM service I've just began a series on the parables, which has been a joy to study.

Thinking ahead, I'm planning out a series on Genesis and one on Acts, and my personal study through the books of Leviticus and Philemon continues (I will, Lord willing, eventually preach through these one day). Of course, the best part of planning out a new series is the acquisition of new books!  I've just ordered a few Genesis resources and am thinking through the best sources for the Acts study.

Today a little gem arrived called "Old Testament Books for Pastor and Teacher" by Brevard S. Childs.  The author is an Old Testament scholar who, though certainly no Evangelical, has great respect for the biblical text.  I am currently wading through three of his works on Old Testament theology in an attempt to get my mind "around" Genesis and the Pentateuch. I've found his book Introduction to the Old Testament as Scripture to be fascinating (though also troubling in many respects).

Happy reading days are ahead.

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  1. We're zipping through Leviticus at the prison study. Been there for six weeks and will most likely be there until August. Primarily using Wenham's commentary and S. Lewis Johnson's studies from Believers Chapel in Dallas as the resources. Good stuff.