Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Insanity of Prayerlessness - A Devotional

"[Jesus] then told them a parable on the need for them to pray always and not become discouraged" (Luke 18:1 HCSB).

I do not want to even imagine a life without prayer.  If I did, I suppose it would be something like being trapped in a dark cave during an earthquake.  Unable to see which direction to go, everything above you is falling in and everything below you is shifting around. No direction. No security. No safety.

One of the saddest moments I experience is when I am with a believer who admits they don't pray. It is a bit like trying to get to the other side of the river by jumping off the cliff, instead of simply walking across the bridge.  Jesus understood that all of humanity is in desperate need of a right relationship with God--and the safety and security that this right relationship brings.  The Bible pictures God as a "rock in whom we take refuge" (2 Sam 22:3) and a "strong tower" in which we can be safe (Prov 18:10). He is "an ever present help in the time of trouble" (Psalm 46:1) and "a shelter in the time of storm" (Isaiah 25:4).

Yet there are so many within the church that live their daily lives cut off from this power and strength. Though allowed, through the blood of Christ, to "approach the throne of grace with confidence" (Hebrews 4:16), they have rarely entered in. It is nothing short of insanity that drives them to the gloomy basement when they could delight in the joy of His sanctuary.  A.C. Dixon once wrote,
"If a man admits that there is a God, while at the same time he denies that He hears prayer, he has brought his God down to the position of a petty savage chieftain who lives for His own pleasure without regard for the welfare of His subjects. Prayerlessness is, therefore, a species of barbarism" (A.C. Dixon, Present Day Life and Religion, 1905, p 8).
Saints, we need to pray. Anything else is insanity.

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