Monday, June 21, 2010

A window into Gelatt family life

As I was unpacking another box in the office today I came across a notebook that contained the "official minutes" of a Gelatt family meeting.  We occasionally call family meetings to discuss and decide various issues. Normally we don't take notes, but once in a while we get kind of goofy.  Here it is:

Gelatt Family Meeting, Jan 3, 2009
Called to order by Dad at 8:30 PM.
Moderator: Dad

Item of discussion: Beza the dog.

Remi feels Beza is an amazing little dog and is very nice. But, we cannot teach her anything and she keeps destroying our things [Moderator note: Earlier in the evening Beza had destroyed Remi's brand new jacket, causing many tears and outbursts by said child].

Mom concurred that Beza had ruined many jackets, clothes, Tupperware, and other items. She constantly gets into the trash. During those times, she growls and snaps if we try to take food away [Moderator note: the dog, not the mom]. She is afraid someone will get bite.

Caleb noted that none of his items had been ruined, and that the ruined clothing items should not have been left out in the first place [Moderator note: this set off a verbal exchange between Remi and Caleb. Moderator intervened and brought order].

Peter noted that "Beza is a horrible, bad dog who eats everything [Moderator note: Peter was giggling the entire time while stating this and did not appear genuinely upset with the dog]. On a serious note, he mentioned that we need to be more cooperative with the dog and understanding.

Motion by Remi with support by Mom that Beza be taken to an animal sheltter and given up permanently.

In favor: Remi, Mom, Caleb, and Dad.
Opposed: Peter.

Motion carries.

Remi wanted it stated for the record that she fears Beza would be put down if no one claimed her from the shelter.

Peter stated that Remi should have thought of that before voting yes. The accusation of "murderer" may have been made (though this was not officially substantiated).

There was some discussion if we should immediately get another dog. The children, noting the look in mom's eyes, felt the wise course of action would be to wait for the time being.

Meeting ended with much crying and tears, even by the children who voted yes.

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  1. thank you for giving me something to giggle about this evening (Commenters note - not over the possible demise of Beza but imagining and hearing your family meeting!) I love you all Gelatt Family!!!