Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New books arrived

Five new books await my eager fingers and eyes:

This is an old friend, but one that strayed from my library at some point (i.e. meaning some friend "borrowed" it permanently). This coming Sunday I am preaching on the Kingdom and wanted to re-read this classic work.  It is scholarly and technical, and is therefore hardly light reading.  But for those who wish to wade through scholastic jargon, there is treasure to be found.

The Kingdom of God, Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Here is a series of sermon preached by the master-expositor Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Each sermon is based on a New Testament passage dealing with the Kingdom.

I have been waiting for this commentary for over 2 years.  I first learned of it while working through a personal study on Philemon (which I then turned into a family devotional series and now and recently adapted again for a Wednesday night series).  Jerome is here translated for the first time in English.  

I've also acquired two other books that I will hopefully get to before the year ends.  I've been collecting the official "Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works" published by Fortress Press.  Below are the two most recent publications in that series (they are, for whatever reason, not publishing these in their own numerical order):

A classic work, here given in the definitive 'critical' (e.g. scholarly) edition.

Misc writings of Bonehoeffer's during this period.

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