Tuesday, November 9, 2010

TNIV 2.0 (a.k.a. "NIV-2011")

The NIV-2011 is certainly going to be a big deal.  For the record, I like the New International Version (henceforth NIV-1984).  I know my language 'purist' friends may be offended by that, but I've found the NIV-1984 to be a wonderful mid-point on the literal/paraphrase translation scale.  It is readable, understandable, and lends itself to memorization.  If it were not for the ESV I would most certainly be using the NIV-1984 on a daily basis.
That is, of course, before they came out with the atrocious TNIV.  While I am sympathetic to elements of that translation philosophy, it was (to be frank) an experiment in unbridled feminism. It was rightly dumped (but only after major public outcry).
After hearing that Zondervan was re-translating the NIV, many of us feared it would merely be TNIV 2.0.  Like the Democrats who still insist on making Pelosi the new Minority Leader, the executives at Zondervan simply have not learned their lesson.
Follow this link for a chart that compares the NIV-2011 to the NIV-1984 and the TNIV.  If the chart is accurate, you can see that the translators consistently followed the TNIV text.

NIV-2011?  No, more like TNIV 2.0.

HT: Jeff Peterson


  1. My problem with the TNIV is Zondervan's duplicity. Zondervan after much protest said it would not update the NIV as planned and instead put out the update as a new translation, the TNIV. Now, they are again going back on their word and updating the NIV to match the TNIV. This is THE problem for me.

    I do not understand why the protests were lodged against the NIV update originally neither do I understand how you could call the TNIV "an experiment in unbridled feminism." While I disagree with the TNIV translators on the necessity of gender neutral language, being gender neutral does not equal feminism. It is the way we talk today. Certainly, our language has been impacted by feminism, but nonetheless gender neutral language does not necessarily imply feminism. Does the TNIV show feministic bias other than using gender neutral language?

    Jeremy Lee

  2. I'm quite sure the chart is accurate.