Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wittmer on Bell

Rob Bell, the young pastor who has become the darling of the media, has recently written a book called Love Wins.  The main premise of the book is that God's love is powerful enough to overcome all evil, meaning that eventually everyone will be saved.  So, even though Jesus talked a lot about Hell and everlasting damnation, have no worries, because Rob Bell thinks its all been a big misunderstanding.

Mike Wittmer, a dear friend and former professor of mine, has come out with a response:  Christ Wins: An Evangelical Response to Rob Bell's Love Wins.  I have not got my hands on a copy yet (you would think he would have sent me an advanced copy!!!), but I am eager to place my order. From what I know of Mike, the response promises to be solidly biblical and graciously confronting.

Here are a few endorsements for Wittmer's book:

"With clarity and a gracious spirit, Wittmer provides a resource that I can hand my parishioners who are seeking answers to the questions raised in Rob Bell's Love Wins." -- Pastor David Beelen, Madison Square Church, Grand Rapids, MI

"Christ Alone is a gracious, respectful biblical and theological engagement with Love Wins. Wittmer's astute questions help readers discern the strengths and weaknesses of Rob Bell's positions." -- Professor Darwin Glassford, Calvin Theological Seminary

"Christ Alone provides a clear assessment of Rob Bell's Love Wins. With skill and wit, Wittmer shows that in the end, God loves and wins only if he is truly and completely who he has revealed himself to be in both living and written Word." -- Pastor Jeffrey D. Halsted, Calvary Baptist Church, Grand Rapids, MI

"Readers will appreciate the combination of respect, insight, and conviction. Wittmer helps us to see that the Bible's message is not embarrassing, but a compelling story that fits the reality of God's holiness and the darkness of the human heart." -- Pastor Nate Archer, Peace Church, Middleville, MI

"Christ Alone deftly guides us in the art of listening to history and the text so that we might engage the conversation beyond the controversy. Not afraid to ask the questions, but ready to give an answer when there are answers to be given, Wittmer walks the line between mystery and revelation culminating in the cross and resurrection and the good news that love has already won." -- Christopher R. Brewer, Founder and Director of Gospel through Shared Experience and editor of Art that Tells the Story,

"Wittmer's critique of Love Wins is fair, biblical, and loving. Readers learn or relearn biblical interpretations, biblical doctrines, teachings of historical church leaders, and an overall appreciation of who God is and what it means to live in the balance of God's grace and justice." -- Pastor Lew VanderMeer, New Community Church, Grand Rapids, MI

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