Monday, June 27, 2011

Calvinists who love Wesley

I stumbled across an excellent post about Calvinists who love Wesley, which I heartily recommend. It is a long post, but below I've given you one of his many quotes:

Charles Spurgeon on the haters of Charles Wesley:
To ultra-Calvinists his name is as abhorrent as the name of the Pope to a Protestant: you have only to speak of Wesley, and every imaginable evil is conjured up before their eyes, and no doom is thought to be sufficiently horrible for such an arch-heretic as he was. I verily believe that there are some who would be glad to rake up his bones from the tomb and burn them, as they did the bones of Wycliffe of old—men who go so high in doctrine, and withal add so much bitterness and uncharitableness to it, that they cannot imagine that a man can fear God at all unless he believes precisely as they do.
The overall point of the post is that we must be very careful not to make Calvinism the end-all factor in deciding who is--and who is not--to be welcomed to our tables.

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