Friday, July 1, 2011

B.B. Warfield on John 3:16

In light of my comments this past Sunday that God loves everyone, here is a quote from B. B. Warfield, the elder Calvinist theologian from Westminster Theological Seminary. Here he comments on John 3:16:

"The passage was not intended to teach, and certainly does not teach, that God loves all men alike and visits each and every one alike with the same manifestations of his love: and as little was it intended to teach or does it teach that his love is confined to a few especially chosen individuals selected out of the world. What it is intended to do is to arouse in our hearts a wondering sense of the marvel and mystery of the love of God for the sinful world – conceived here, not quantitatively but qualitatively as, in its very distinguishing characteristic, sinful." (“God’s Immeasurable Love”, Biblical and Theological Studies)

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