Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Obama is not a Muslim...its worse than that

Obama's recent decision to exclude Evangelicals from the 9/11 memorial should come as no surprise. It will, however, include an Episcopalian bishop, a rabbi, a Buddhist nun (who is also an "incarnate lama"), a Hindu priest, and the president of the Islamic Society of North America.

Despite the mainline media's attempt to bend over backwards telling us that Obama is a Christian, most Americans see through the cheap plastic Protestant mask Obama likes to wear. Only about 37% of Americans view the President as a Christian.

While most correctly understand what he is not, many incorrectly mistake what he truly is. Many within the Christian community still hold on to the unfounded belief that our President is a Muslim. I have dear Christian friends who get angry at any suggestion that he is not. With that view stubbornly held, they invent all sorts of conspiracy theories as to how Obama is going to turn us into a Muslim nation.

This troubles me, because is demonstrates how the conservative Christian community can so easily lack discernment. Reality is before our eyes, but we choose to wear the blinders of irrational sensationalism. I wrote the article printed below back when Senator Obama was campaigning to be President. I still stand by this assessment.

The Christian community is currently in a stir over the likely presidency of Barack Obama. As I analyze the Christian reaction to Senator Obama, it seems believers have invented a phantom to fear, while ignoring the raging elephant in the room. 
The Phantom: Barack Obama is secretly a devout muslim who will install Islamic law once elected President. His "Muslim-sounding" name, along with some association with Islam in his childhood home, is enough to rekindle the Medieval fears of the invasion of the Turks. I spoke with one pastor several days ago who has a ministry with Muslims in the Detroit area. He is convinced that Obama's seeming liberalism is merely a "cover" for his extreme Islamic beliefs. I receive countless e-mails with similar statements, and blogs are quick to make such connections. While it is true that Obama had strong exposure to Islam in his family, it is also true this was a very liberal version of Islam. Obama's family was marked more by agnosticism (both Christian and Islamic versions) than anything that resembled devout faith. Entire sectors of the Christian community have become obsessed with a non-existent phantom. Because of this, they have missed the real danger---which is the elephant in the room! 
The Elephant: Barack Obama is a committed secular humanist who will use the language of religion (any religion) while simultaneously undermining the role of religion in the fabric of our culture. Secular humanism is the philosophical school to which Obama is fanatically committed. To secular humanists, religion is the 'opium of the people'. Unlike the radical Marx who sought to undo faith via a frontal assault, Obama is willing to use the language of religion to acheive his political ambitions while simultaneously shifting religion into a position of cultural irrelevance. Never before in our country's history have we encountered a presidential candidate who used so much religious language while meaning it so very little. Everything Obama has said indicates he is no friend to true faith, and actually views it as an enemy that must be sequestered and controlled.
Senator Obama has many admirable qualities. When comparing apples to apples, there is much to make the Illinois senator worthy of consideration to be the next president of the United States. Conservatives rightly abhor his extreme support of abortion rights. That should be, in and of itself, enough to make many professing believers in Jesus run the other direction on election day. However, there is a more subtle evil that too many Christians fail to recognize. Underneath the eloquence, behind the 'presidential demeanor', and just beyond the intellectual competence is a marxist/humanistic worldview that is the most rabidly anti-religious system of thought in the history of humanity. 
Obama is not a Muslim. It would be much safer if he were.

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