Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Difficulty of Predestination

“The reason why any one believes in election is, that he finds it in the Bible. No man could ever imagine such a doctrine—for it is, in itself, contrary to the thinking and the wishes of the human heart. Every one, at first, opposes the doctrine, and it is only after many struggles, under the working of the Spirit of God, that we are made to receive it. A perfect acquiescence in this doctrine—an absolute lying still, in adoring wonder, at the footstool of God’s sovereignty, is the last attainment of the sanctified soul in this life, as it is the beginning of Heaven. The reason why any one believes in election is just this, and only this, that God has made it known. Had the Bible been a counterfeit it never could have contained the doctrine of election, for men are too averse to such a thought to give it expression, much more to give it prominence.”
G. S. Bishop


  1. Excellent quote! This just shows that the Holy Spirit is the author of the Scriptures, not man. For man surely would have edited this part.


  2. But who is predestined and to what?

    Is it selected lost to salvation and santification (to adopted as sons, blameless etc)


    Is it christians that are predestined to full sonship and being blameless in Christ etc?

    Who is the "Us" in Eph 1:4?

    You just happened to post this just as I am studying Ephesians again. I know there are other verses. Interested in your thoughts

  3. I find it interesting that the title speaks of predestination and the content of election. The two are related but are different. For example in Ephesians 1 we are told we are elected to be holy and blameless (that was the purpose of God's choosing us) but we are predestined to be adopted as sons. It appears that (in the original) there is a distinction based on the fact that sonship implies a legal relationship where holiness and blamelessness is a matter of personal integrity. Ordination is by nature a legal act choice is not necessarily.