Monday, March 26, 2012

They Murmered in Their Tents

"They murmured in their tents, and did not obey the voice of the LORD."
Psalm 106:25

Sitting with dear friends around their dinning room table, I noticed a shift in the conversation had occurred. What started out as a happy conversation about their church began turning sour. Soon my friends were grumbling about their pastor, complaining about some of their fellow congregants, and expressing irritation at the selection of last Sunday's music. It wasn't just mom and dad...soon their teenage children were actively joining with complaints of their own. 

After a while I looked over to the husband and asked him to take a walk with me outside. Once outdoors I said, "I love you and everyone around that table. But brother, that conversation sounded like something from the Devil." I've never been invited back.

Christians have always cherished the home. It is a place of refuge and refreshment, a place where we can 'let our hair down' and be ourselves. But it is also the place where we sin the most. Ancient Israel murmured against God and Moses in the privacy of their homes ("tents"). The Hebrew word for murmur means 'to complain, to whisper, to backbite'. It refers to the subtle expressions of irritation or displeasure in others. Of course, they would never say these things openly, but in their homes they revealed their disobedient hearts. But God hears and sees us even in the privacy of our homes.

Parents, what legacy are you passing onto your children? A legacy of consistent faith? Or a legacy that teaches them to walk in godliness publicly, but privately act like the Devil?

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