Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Lord of All Creation

Below is a prayer I wrote last year while on vacation in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, giving to you in part because I yearn for warmer days:
To the Lord of all Creation,
A two week reprieve from the demands of everyday life spent with my family, several days of which we are in a little cabin in the woods of Northern Michigan. Father, your Creation is glorious. We willingly endure the sting of camp fire smoke in our eyes and the incessant pestering of mosquitoes in order to breathe in the stars. The loons sing a beautiful melody. The dragonflies dance. Even the wind plays its part in the song. While the ingenuity of man is an amazing thing, what work of art have we created that compares to the evening sun glistening on the water, or what song have we composed that is more pleasant that the sound of a River Trout leaping above the water? Have we created a building more magnificent that the stately oak or towering pine?
A good book, a chair that has seemingly been granted the calming power of the fabled Halycon, the laughter of three growing children, and the wife of my youth----surrounded by all You have created. The trees reach further up, growing each year as if trying to touch their Maker. The proof of Your divinity, power, and love is here for every man to behold. I stare at a simple stalk of grass and am amazed at Your providence and wisdom. Its green color proves its vigor and life. It stands tall and erect, proud of its place in Your Kingdom. Its head has already gone to seed, ensuring a new generation that will carpet the feet of those you have blessed with your image. It has the strength and tenacity to grow in the most difficult of conditions. Though the storms may blow and the drenching rains come, it merely bends and never breaks. Not even the long death of winter can deal a fatal blow.
I praise You for what You have created. Honor and glory and praise and power are Yours. You are Lord of all Creation, its Maker and Master, its Sustainer and Provider, its Painter and Architect.

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