Monday, November 10, 2014

Healing Power

"My soul clings to the dust,
give me life according to your Word."
Psalm 119:25 (NIV)

When is the last time you felt emotionally crushed? While we all experience moments of sadness, major episodes of depression leave an individual overwhelmed and hopeless. The sufferer feels hopeless and persistently sad, often has trouble concentrating or making even simple decisions, is plagued with fatigued, and loses interest in activities and hobbies that he once considered pleasurable. The depressed person can even acquire persistent aches, pains, headaches, cramps, and digestive problems--none of which ease with medical treatment. For this person, everything seems stale, lifeless, and dead.

In ancient times, those who deeply mourned would often pour dust and ashes over their heads, symbolizing that they had hit "rock bottom". They had reached an emotional point where they felt they couldn't go any lower. In Psalm 119:25, the psalmist acknowledged that he experienced times when it felt like his soul, the very essence of his person, clung to the dust. That is what depression clings tenaciously to our hurt and pain, refusing to let go. It clouds our mind and warps our perspective.

That is why God's Word is so important. The psalmist had learned the only thing that could help him through the most difficult moments of life was the healing perspective of God. Depression lies to us. It twists our thinking and distorts our feelings. In this fog of deceit and misery, the light of God's truth shines through, giving clarity.

In your darkest moments, let God be your guide. Don't trust your mind or your heart. Instead, trust the One who always speaks truth.

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